Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones

I'm a journalist.

Andrea writes about the issues closest to her heart including technology, business, home improvement and youth alcohol/drug addiction.

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Package theft article

The Package Theft Epidemic and How Victims Are Fighting Back

Online shopping is cheap, convenient, and doesn’t require you to have a nervous breakdown at the mall.

Baby. article

Baby Proofing in the 21st Century

We can all agree that there’s nothing more exciting than bringing home your baby for the first time.

Florida 300x208 article

The Happiest Places to Live in the USA

When thinking about where you will settle down and spend your life, what do you consider? For most of us, happiness is towards the top of our requirements.

Spirituality article

How Spirituality Can Help With Addiction Recovery - disinformation

Addiction and spirituality: two states that are counterparts yet also irrefutably interlinked. There are myriad opinions as to what fuels addiction and why, but many believe that the urge to alter perspective, to escape from normality, and to feel a connection with something grander is the main catalyst.